About Club Symponia

Wanting to offer an interactive and dare we say fun experience, whilst simultaneously covering some of the more sensitive financial issues of later life, the team behind Symponia are delighted to introduce you to Club Symponia.  

Within the growing community, based on real-life circumstances, we have included the aspects of several care related situations and suggested ways for you to know your way around the legislation and your next steps.  

You might be able to identify with one of families, read one of our fact sheets, request a handbook, ask an expert a question, liaise with other people facing similar problems or find your most local member.

All this is possible from wherever you are via Club Symponia. 

We selected care and later life as this is how Symponia started but over time other families with differing scenarios will join the Club Symponia community so that the financial needs of every life stage will be covered from Baby ISA’s to end-of-life-directives and all points in between.  

We really hope you enjoy using our site.

The Small Print – Terms & Conditions

The “people” within Club Symponia aren’t actually real although their situations are taken from those we have worked through.

The names given to each member of the community are fictional and/or have been taken from within our own families.

There is no intention to give away the identity of any one specific person.  

The facts and back-stories behind the legislation are based on our interpretation of the current facts. They do not constitute the giving of professional and/or personal financial advice.      

As a Prestige member you can ask our experts specific private questions which will not be visible to anyone else. The number of questions is limited to 10 per year.

The forum within Symponia Prestige has been designed for you to interact with both our experts and fellow Prestige members. 

We have a zero tolerance to bullying, swearing and abuse. Offending members will be removed from the site without refund or recompense.

Club Symponia, GDPR & Privacy

The law on data changed on 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, imposes additional obligations on organisations and gives you extra rights around how your data is used.

This change is for good reason and is designed to stop companies trading or giving away personal information about you. Clearly Club Symponia would never do this, but the law now compels us to communicate how we handle your data in order to comply with the regulations.

To join Club Symponia as a Prestige Membership you will need to complete an online form which will ask for some personal information. This includes details such as your name, email address, date of birth and the answer to a security question such as your mother’s maiden name.

When you do this all your details will be stored within our database. However, when we say stored we mean just that just that.
We obviously respect the information we hold on you and take the security of this information very seriously, furthermore we will never sell or share our data with anyone else for any purpose whatsoever. 

  • All collected information is securely recorded within a password protected environment whilst the Prestige Membership upgrade is active.
  • As has always been the case, if a Prestige Member asks to be removed from the Club Symponia site, we promise to adhere to their request and permanently delete their personal detail.   
  • Each new Prestige Member is sent a welcome email. All such emails are sent individually using Symponia branded marketing collateral and from a Symponia corporate email address.
  • Prestige Member questions are only answered within the Club Symponia websites. 

Symponia Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office Registration Number: Z1178694.  Joint Managing Director, Janet Davies is listed as the overall controller.